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PixiJS 是一个基于 Web 的开源渲染系统,可为游戏、数据可视化和其他图形密集型项目提供极快的性能。 这些指南旨在作为 API 文档 的配套指南,提供有关使用 API 解决问题和构建项目的结构化介绍。

英:PixiJS is an open source, web-based rendering system that provides blazing fast performance for games, data visualization, and other graphics intensive projects. These guides are designed to be a companion to the API documentation, providing a structured introduction to using the API to solve problems and build projects.


如果你是 PixiJS 的新手,我们建议你从基础知识开始并按顺序阅读它们(一个好的起点是 入门)。 虽然 PixiJS 拥有成熟的 API 和可靠的文档,但这些指南涵盖了刚接触该系统的开发者遇到的许多常见问题和问题。

英:If you're new to PixiJS, we suggest you start with the Basics and read through them in order (a good place to start is Getting Started). While PixiJS has a mature API and solid documentation, the guides go over many common issues and questions that developers new to the system encounter.



英:As you explore the guides, you may find these resources valuable: